Ole town smoke shop

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I like this store. But its hard to browse it seems like. I have to rush like I’m doing something illegal even just looking. But otherwise its nice to have a place to buy stuff not hidden in some dark alley way. Sometimes its a little pricey but at least its less than 15min away.

Your best bet is to go in the store and see for yourself.

These days stock of highly sought after items could fluctuate without warning, at no fault of the store in most cases. They have an amazing, friendly staff and an extensive selection of more quality items than the competition, in my humble opinion.

You are sure to find what you are looking for and so much more you didn’t know you needed. I went in the other day and everything with blue on it was on sale! Who does that?

Great staff. Knowledgeable about their products. Love the sign on the door! Makes me laugh everytime I walk in there!

Good variety, knowledgeable and friendly staff, all around 10/10